April 8, 2024

What Size Bike Do I Need: Bicycle Buying Guide

When you think of buying a bicycle for yourself, you will have many questions in your mind because we all know that the design and quality of a bicycle are related to the age of a person or a rider, the location, and the economic condition of the road. Basically, all these things will leave you in indecision in various ways, which can make even the simplest thing seem difficult. Bicycles are one of the most important parts of our lives today because it is a straightforward communication. I will discuss here some basic tips to buy a bicycle. So, follow the thesis attentively if you are interested in it.

Bike For Men

Firstly, I will discuss the men’s bike. This is one of the most important things in choosing your bike. If you are a man now, then lady’s bikes will not suit you in any way because there are many differences between men’s bikes and girls’ bikes, which are obvious. There are available many types of bikes for men in the recent market. I have already presented here a list where we are given bike sizing for men. If you want to know the perfect size for you, then please continue reading the article below.

Height Inside Leg Men’s Road Bike Size Men’s Mountain Bike Size Men’s Hybrid Bike Size
147cm-152cm / 4’10”-5’0″ 66cm / 26″ 47, 48cm (XX Small) 13” (X Small) 13”, 14″ (X Small)
152cm-160cm / 5’0″-5’3″ 69cm / 27″ 49, 50cm (X Small) 13”, 14” (X Small) 14”, 15” (X Small, Small)
160cm-170cm / 5’3″-5’7″ 71cm / 28″ 51, 52, 53cm (Small) 15”, 16″ (Small) 15”, 16″ (Small)
170cm-175cm / 5’7″-5’9″ 76cm / 30″ 54, 55cm (Medium) 17″, 18” (Medium) 17″, 18” (Medium)
175cm-180cm / 5’9″-5’11” 79cm / 31″ 56, 57, 58cm (Large) (Giant – ML) 18”, 19″ (Medium, Large) 19”, 20″ (Large)
180cm-188cm / 5’11”-6’2″ 81cm / 32″ 59, 60cm (X Large) 19″, 20” (Large) 20″, 21” (Large, X Large)
188cm-196cm / 6’2″-6’5″ 86cm / 34″ 60, 61, 62cm (X Large, XX Large) 20″, 21”, 22” (Large, X Large) 21”, 22” (Large, X Large)
196cm+ / 6′ 5″+ 91cm / 36″ 62, 63cm (XX Large) 23″, 24” (XX Large) 23″, 24” (XX Large)

Bike For Woman

Now come to know the perfect bike type for women. If you want to buy a bike for women, then you have to know a perfect size. When you buy a new bike, you have almost an unlimited number of bikes to choose from. There are different types of bicycles in the market for women. Bicycles can be used for everyday practice, transportation, and even for fun and enjoyment. Sometimes it can be tough to choose which bike is best for you. For your convenience, I have already collected a sizing chart and presented it below. To know the bike sizing for women, then please continue reading the thesis below.

Height Inside leg Women’s road bike size Women’s mountain bike size omen’s hybrid bike size
147cm-155cm / 4’10”-5’1″ 66cm / 26″ 44, 45, 46cm (XX Small) 13”, 14″ (X Small) 13”, 14″ (X Small)
155cm-160cm / 5’1″-5’3″ 69cm / 27″ 47, 48, 49cm (X Small) 13”, 14” (X Small) 14”, 15” (X Small, Small)
160cm-165cm / 5’3″-5’5″ 71cm / 28″ 50, 51, 52cm (Small) 15”, 16″ (Small) 15”, 16″ (Small)
165cm-172cm / 5’5″-5’8″ 76cm / 30″ 53, 54, 55cm (Medium) 17″, 18” (Medium) 17″, 18” (Medium)
172cm+ / 5’8″+ 79cm / 31″ 56, 57cm (Large) 19″ (Large) 19″ (Large)

Bike For Kids

Now come to know a complete idea about kids’ bikes. There are available many types of bikes for kids. Kids bike is usually three types. These are tricycle, balance bike, and training wheeled bike. Besides the men’s bike and women’s bike, I have collected a list for kids’ bikes. Please follow the list below to know about it.

Approx. age Min. inside leg Wheel size Frog Bike size
1-2 years 24cm / 9″ 10″ Tadpole
2-3 years 31cm / 12″ 12″ 13”, 14” (X Small)
3-4 years 38-43cm / 15-17″ 14″ Tadpole Plus, Frog 43
4-5 years 48cm / 19″ 16″ Frog 48
5-7 years 52-58cm / 20-23″ 20″ Frog 52, Frog 55, Frog Road/Track 58
8-12 years 62-67cm / 24-26″ 24″ Frog 62, Frog Road/Track 67
10-14 years 69-78cm / 27-31″ 26″ Frog 69, Frog Road/Track 70, Frog MTB 72, Frog 73, Frog 78

Bicycle Buying Guide

The type of two-wheeler or bicycle has changed over time. In colorful colors, two-wheeled bicycles of various styles are now available in the market. So before buying a bicycle, you have to understand the need and make a decision. Bicycles are now being made with different types of materials. Bicycles are heavier in weight if made of iron or steel frames. Bicycles made of aluminum alloy are somewhat lighter and faster. Bicycles made of aluminum alloy are a bit more expensive than steel.

So the young people of Bangladesh prefer aluminum bicycles. Bicycles made of carbon fiber are the most expensive and fastest. This type of bike weighs less. In addition to weight, there are gear differences. Some bicycles have fixed gears. Like gears, there are differences in brakes. It is important to know the height of your body, the size of different body levels, the length of the torso, and the arms’ length. And before measuring your height, you must take off your shoes. Once you know the exact size of your height and other parts of your body, you can choose the right bicycle size for you that will be comfortable and convenient for you to ride.

If your bike’s top tube is between the seat and the handlebar, has 2 or 3 toes between your legs, and you can sit on the seat and keep your feet evenly on the ground, this is the right size for you. If there is no top tube, check if you can sit on the seat and put your feet on the ground. At the same time, see if you are comfortable sitting in the seat and pedaling. This is the right size for you to hold the handlebars in the seat and pedal normally easily.


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